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Prepárense for the most classic pairing event we have hosted in our taproom! We are excited to celebrate the cuisine of Cilantro Denver and bring you the authentic taste and flavor of Jalisco, Mexico. 

We all know that the taco originated in Mexico with a rich history of ingredients, so we will be celebrating this classic dish with our very own cervezas. Truly a celebration of ingredients and flavors! 

This pairing event will offer 4 specialty cervezas paired with 4 street-style tacos. Stay tuned for more details and get your tickets today!


Kimi Chicken and Que Buena 

Light and crisp, bursting with lime aroma and flavor, with a tart finish, our Que Buena Mexican- Style Lime Lager is the perfect beer to pair with Cilantro’s El Kimi Chicken Taco. You’ll note that the salty and sourness of the kimchi is balanced out by the sweetness of the fresh key lime in our light amber lager. 

El Authentico Barbacoa and Vecino del Sur

This cool fermented IPA packs the juicy goodness and aroma of a Hazy IPA. In collaboration with Cerveceria Doble C, this cold IPA has a distinct crisp and clean finish, Vecino del Sur cuts right through the heat of the barbacoa. Slowly cooked overnight, and topped with local cilantro and onion micro greens, this authentico barbacoa taco is full of flavor. Tropical but slightly bitter notes from the hops in our Vecino del Sur IPA create a well-rounded pairing. 

Al Pastor and La Leyenda Prickly Pear Sour

Enjoy our light pink Sour Beer brewed with the highly celebrated Prickly Pear fruit! Delicate, bright, and fruity, this sour features a fusion of flavors that range from strawberry to candy watermelon. Note the tartness of this sour cuts through the smokiness of the Al Pastor taco The grilled pineapple garnish will add a bit of sweetness back to your pallet. 

El Vago (V) and Mango Rico IPA 

Fresh tropical fruit flavors shine bright in this flavorful and refreshing IPA!  Brewed with a delightful blend of Calypso, Cascade, and Azacca hops creates a hop profile loaded with citrus, tropical, and stone fruit flavors. The veggies in this taco, marinated in fruit juice, provide a light sweetness that lets the hop profile of this IPA shine.

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