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We're hosting our annual Yum Yum's and Denver Beer Co ice cream pairing on Saturday, May 14th! 

Select your time slot, either 1-3pm or 3-5pm, and get ready to enjoy five scoops of handcrafted, small batch ice cream professionally paired with five 4oz pours of Denver Beer Co beer. This event is taking place at each of our taprooms, Downing, Arvada, and Platte, so pick your favorite location, invite your buddies, and get your tickets!
Grab your spoons and join us on Saturday, May 14th for our 7th annual ice cream and beer pairing event! 

You'll enjoy five scoops of fresh handcrafted ice cream from our craft ice creamery, Yum Yum's, thoughtfully paired with five 4oz pours of Denver Beer Co beer. 

Our pairings are professionally curated by both Michael Ruiz, our ice cream imagineer, and Andy Parker, the brains behind our craft beers, to ensure a complimentary and uniquely delicious experience. You'll get to taste some seasonal favorites from Yum Yum's and small-batch, speciality beers from Denver Beer Co. 

Select your time slot (either 1-3pm or 3-5pm) and join us at one of our three taproom locations (Downing, Platte, or Arvada) for a sweet way to kick off this summer season!

Our pairings are: 
  1. Plum Crazy (6.3% abv) with My Fair Lady ice cream 

This sour ale is moderately sweet and sour at the same time, like a delicious fruit tart. Brewed with plums and lactose, it pairs perfectly with our Earl Grey and Lavender ice cream. Think of a cup of tea in ice cream form - with just enough lavender to round out the flavor! 


  1. Revelator Rye Barrel Aged Doppelbock (10.1% abv) with Madagascar 4 ice cream

This strong German lager is aged in Laws Rye Whiskey barrels, creating a malty flavor without becoming too sweet. While the herbal rye whiskey aroma is the star of the show, you’ll still notice hints of caramel and toffee flavors, which wonderfully accompanies our traditional Madagascar vanilla bean French style custard ice cream. 


  1. Imperial Peanut Butter Graham Cracker Porter (10.5% abv) with Spotted Brown Cow ice cream 

Our award winning Graham Cracker Porter is amped up with big flavors of peanut butter, graham cracker, and vanilla. This is deliciously paired with our dark Swiss Chocolate ice cream: a deep rich chocolate cream smoothed out with milk chocolate chips. Sometimes, it just makes sense to pair a dessert with a dessert beer. 


  1. Smoked Marzen (5.3% abv) with Bees Knees ice cream

Smoked Marzen is a classic German-style lager brewed with smoked malt. Smooth with a delightful campfire smoke aroma, this Bamberg-style amber lager is great on its own, but truly shines when paired with the right meal…or dessert. Our Bees Knees ice cream includes caramelized honey and thyme, so you’ll notice a deepened, rich honey flavor with just an underlying hint of thyme. 


  1. Princess Yum Yum Raspberry Kolsch (4.8% abv) with White Chocolate Raspberry Jam ice cream. 

It wouldn’t be a Denver Beer Co pairing without our favorite Princess making an appearance. This kolsch is brewed with real raspberries, creating a slightly sweet, slightly tart delicious flavor. And in case you couldn’t get enough raspberry, our paired ice cream includes fresh, tart raspberry jam that counters the sweetness of the creamy white chocolate.

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